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What you get

  • See exactly where your vehicles are
  • Detailed speed, driving and positioning
  • Real-time and historic data
  • Receive SMS & email alerts
  • Driver identification
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Vehicle Tracking

& Fleet Management

vehicle tracker

As a business owner you want to know how your vehicles are being handled, where they have travelled to, if they are being abused, and ensure that your drivers are arriving on time at your customers. Vehicle tracking allows you to monitoring your fleet in realtime, giving you the information that you need to make better descistion in your fleet. Securing your vehicles is critical to your business, and each vehicle needs to be fitted with a GPS tracking device. As a business owner you want to know how your fleet is being handled and where your drivers travel. Replacing or repairing a van or truck is expensive to your bottom line and means one less available vehicle. iTrack Live is a vehicle tracking solution provider offering accurate time keeping of your fleet's movements for each vehicle via the use of a vehicle tracker. A vehicle tracker is an essential requirement for any business with trucks or cars on the road.

iTrack Live - South Africa's most affordable and easy-to-use vehicle tracking and fleet management solution.
No contracts, no software, no hidden costs, on-site installations nationwide.
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