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iTrack Live - Detailed Reports

iTrack Live has a wide variety of reports that can be generated on the fly. These include printable reports as well as visually interactive maps. These reports can be used as tools to identify irregular movements, harsh driving, over-speeding and driving distances.

You can see exactly how many times one or more vehicles have stopped at certain locations, and find out the average and total time spent parked at your customers. By defining your own locations, which are then used to identify park positions in reports, you can make the reports friendly and easy to read so you don't have to work through GPS coordinates.

For tax calculations a SARS tax logbook can be generated by marking individual trips as business or personal.

iTrack Live's reporting tools aims to present you with useful information, rather than just vast amounts of data. Reports can be generated over any date range stretching back up to 3 months.

Report Features

Report Examples

  • Generate trip reports
  • Report on harsh driving and speeding
  • See how many times certain locations are visited
  • Generate information for SARS logbooks
  • Vehicle Trip Summary (detailed and printable summary)
  • Movment/Park and vehicle mileage report
  • Departures and Arrivals (list of stops at locations and abnormal stops)
  • Vehicle anomalies (harsh braking, over-speeding, tampering, battery events)
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