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iTrack Live - Online Mapping

The iTrack Live online mapping interface has an easy-to-use navigation panel which shows you each vehicle's trips and parks chronologically. Each trip and park listed has some basic statistics such as the trip time, distance and average speed. Use this list to navigate your way around the map and to clearly highlight individual trips.

Improve accountability in your fleet by having the ability to verify your vehicles' locations months after any disputes. All data is stored for at least 3 months for each vehicle. You can also catch harsh driving and speeding by reviewing the data visually on a map. By view your historical data on a street map, you can see where speeding or harsh driving generally occur.

Catch route deviations and irregular stops by observing the vehicles' trips in high resolution. When viewing the different trips for a vehicle, you can mark each trip as business or personal. You can also add a description to each trip which will be shown on reports.

Online Vehicle Tracking

The Value of a Vehicle Tracking System

If you are looking for an advanced online tracking solution, iTrack Live will meet all of your fleet management requirements. iTrack Live has created an exceptional solution for companies who realise the value and benefits of online vehicle auditing.

We all know the implications of insecure, uninsured and unmonitored vehicles. Replacement costs on a vehicle today are exorbitant and vehicle usage becomes dangerous and reckless. As a consequence, you the business owner suffer the most because the cost to replace a vehicle or pay for damages for repairing "accidental" incidents becomes expensive and then affects the actual value of that particular vehicle.

It is for these reasons that we offer iTrack Live real time tracking. This fleet tracking solution monitors your vehicles in real time, as the vehicles are travelling, updated reports are made available to you. You will have access to the whereabouts of a vehicle, the speed it travels, when it arrives and departs from drop off zones, and whether collections at numerous locations specified for that delivery day are actually made.

This vehicle movement monitoring software will allow you to define what you want to know about your drivers, because you dictate the vehicle usage summaries online, you have the option to draw comparative reports against your driver's trip sheets. Make the right choice when you decide to commit to expert real time tracking brought to you by iTrack Live.

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