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iTrack Live - Pricing

Option 1     

Upfront Purchase

  • No contract
  • Includes installation
  • Turn the service on and off when you want
Upfront cost
(incl. unit and installation)
(Bulk discount on orders over 3)
Monthly subscription fee

R132 per month

All prices listed here exclude VAT

Option 2     

Contract Purchase

  • 36 Month contract
  • Reduced fees after 36 months
  • No annual escalation
Upfront cost
(incl. installation)
Monthly subscription fee
(reduced on orders over 3)
R234 per month
(includes monthly service fee)
Select your own contract length:

12 24 36

All prices listed here exclude VAT

iTrack Live - No Hidden Costs

The iTrack Live fleet management solution is a complete fleet monitoring, vehicle tracking and security tool. No matter how you decide to pay, you are receiving the same complete system. There are no hidden costs and no additional charges (the only thing that we will add on to your monthly bill is a R1 charge per SMS sent to your phone from alerts you have set up).

With iTrack Live we do not charge you for viewing the position of your vehicle, or generating reports or any use of the system. It is yours to own so you are not locked into any lengthy service contract.

The iTrack Live fleet management solution will start saving you money from the day you install the system. Having an efficient and accountable fleet will save you a fortune in vehicle maintenance and fuel costs and will immediately improve the level of service that you provide to your customers.


Stolen Vehicle Recovery

  • Accepted by most insurance companies
  • SAIAS approved
  • 24/7 hotline
iTrack Live - Approval

Stolen vehicle recovery is available on all of these pricing plans for an additional R15 per month (excl. VAT).

iTrack Live is approved and endorsed for vehicle tracking and recovery by the South African Independent Accreditation Services, as well as being approved by many insurance companies. Speak to a consultant about the benefits you could receive.

Vehicle Tracking - Costs

If you want to prevent your vehicle tracking costs from depleting your company assets and capital, ensure that you invest in a cost-effective tracking solution that saves you money and resources. Running a successful fleet management company takes continuous management and dedicated checking procedures; something which not every business has time to implement on a day to day basis while still continuing with regular items of business. Considering this type of archaic management practise will also waste your time and fail to give you a true reflection of what is happening with your fleet on a day to day basis.

With the purchase of iTrack Live's fleet management software system, your worries and aggravations will soon be non-existent. The iTrack Live GPS tracking system takes on the task of monitoring your fleet of vehicles by analysing routes, catching speeding drivers and controlling your fleet. This superior software will reduce the running costs of your fleet management or logistics business because you will no longer have to fret over unforeseen vehicle tracking costs.

Our software allows you to manage your fleet while you save money on vehicle mileage, fuel consumption, vehicle finance and insurance premiums. iTrack Live's software will bring your unnecessary and unplanned costs to zero. As the manager, you will have daily, up to the minute online data reports for each vehicle, tracking their arrivals, departures, routes and the way in which they drive a particular vehicle.

There is no point in handling a fleet management business which continues to be wasteful and expensive, would you not prefer to save tens of thousands of Rands and retain customers. As serious fleet management owners who want to offer exceptional delivery, on time, all the time, with continued customer satisfaction, it is worth thinking about making an investment in your business today. You will be investing in your company when you incorporate iTrack Live's fleet management cost saving solution.

iTrack Live - South Africa's most affordable and easy-to-use vehicle tracking and fleet management solution.
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