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iTrack Live - Vehicle tracking and fleet management

If you need to know where your vehicles are right now, where your drivers are travelling and stopping, how much mileage your trucks put on each month or just want to generate a tax logbook for SARS, iTrack Live is the complete fleet management and vehicle tracking solution for you.

We provide real-time monitoring, detailed route histories, immediate email and SMS alerts and the ability to access a full online history of everywhere your fleet has been, from anywhere in the world.

iTrack Live allows you to see exactly where their vehicles are and what they have been doing. This includes detailed speed, driving, positioning and other characteristics. The system shows you this data in real-time as well as letting you view historic data stretching back over 3 months.

Product Features

Realtime Tracking

Realtime vehicle tracking is critical to any business monitoring their fleet. Being able to see exactly where your vehicles are at all times allows you to be more efficient, directing the closest driver to a delivery, as well as providing instant accountability because you know exactly where your driver is.

Being able to see a vehicle as it moves on a street map also lets you know exactly when a driver has deviated from their route or is lost. You can call them immediately to correct any unusual behaviour...

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Detailed Reports


iTrack Live has a wide variety of reports that can be generated on the fly. These include printable reports as well as visually interactive maps. These reports can be used as tools to identify irregular movements, harsh driving, over-speeding and driving distances.

You can see exactly how many times one or more vehicles have stopped at certain locations, and find out the average and total time spent parked at your customers...

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SMS & Email Alerts

iTrack Live allows you to set up an unlimited number of rules relating to speed, abnormal stoppage, no-go zone violations, etc. If a rule is ever violated we will either email you or SMS you immediately.

You can easily set these rules up in minutes with a step-by-step guide. These rules will let you know if anything happens that you consider irregular at any time...

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Online Mapping


The iTrack Live online mapping interface has an easy-to-use navigation panel which shows you each vehicle's trips and parks chronologically.

Each trip and park listed has some basic statistics such as the trip time, distance and average speed. Use this list to navigate your way around the map and to clearly highlight individual trips...

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Tax Logbook

The South African income tax system allows taxpayers who receive a travel allowance to claim a deduction for the use of their private vehicle for business purposes. In order to claim a deduction the odometer reading of the vehicle must be known and an official SARS tax logbook needs to be completed.

You simply need to submit this logbook to SARS when requested, to claim your tax deduction. The iTrack Live fleet management solution automatically records your mileage which will help you make an accurate claim when submitting your tax return.

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Vehicle Tracking Systems

Online vehicle tracking systems have many positive features that enhance vital aspects of your business' day to day running. This will mean that your costs are greatly reduced, because you manage the vehicles maintenance more regularly, your staff efficiency increases and performance tasks are met by your drivers. With the improved management of your fleet, you will have an augmented growth in business and sales.

The product applications available with iTrack Live's solution are multiple. Firstly, you are able to compare reports generated by iTrack Live to your driver's trip sheets. You expose unauthorised vehicle usage and change your driver's dangerous habits to get more out of your fleet. The dispatch of goods and products to your customers runs efficiently to schedule.

As a small business owner the tracking device advises you of each vehicle's departure and arrival at each location. The system also analyses routes so that the most fuel efficient route is selected and used. You can compare petrol used by particular drivers, should certain staff have a tendency to speed or always claim overtime. The fleet managagement system helps you by generating reports of mileage and speed. Your drivers also have the ability to pinpoint their location via SMS, the internet or through your office. Another feature of the iTrack Live system is that it allows you to check if drivers deviated from their routes. When drivers are not meeting the delivery commitments for a particular day, having access to undisciplined driving habits is paramount to the success of a business and the happiness of your clients.

There are many benefits to utilising a tracking system, such as increased productivity - if your company supplies a reactive service you need to have the ability to act quickly when a job order or job request comes in. To perform at an optimum, you need to know where all of your vehicles are, at all hours of the day.

The tracking application allows you to quickly locate the vehicle and driver's location in closest proximity to the next delivery or pick up. No matter what business services you provide, a tracking system can save you precious time, increase productivity and save you money in the form of fuel efficiency. Essentially, all fleet management and logistics businesses want to manage their fleet economically, with the iTrack Live GPS tracking solution, this is possible.

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