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iTrack Live - Realtime Tracking

realtime vehicle tracking

Realtime vehicle tracking is critical to any business monitoring their fleet. Being able to see exactly where your vehicles are at all times allows you to be more efficient, directing the closest driver to a delivery, as well as providing instant accountability because you know exactly where your driver is.

Being able to see a vehicle as it moves on a street map also lets you know exactly when a driver has deviated from their route or is lost. You can call them immediately to correct any unusual behaviour.

Realtime Tracking Features

Fast response time

iTrack Live's real-time tracking uses cutting edge technology to provide a typical delay of only 10 seconds between the vehicle's actual position and the position on the map and the high resolution of 15 seconds between positions means you can accurately direct the driver of a vehicle from your office, or anywhere in the world.

Real-time tracking will show as many vehicles as you need on one map so that you can find the closest vehicle to a certain location in an emergency and the new GPS vehicle tracking technology used allows you to see the exact location at every point with a high degree of accuracy.

Feature Summary

  • Real-time fleet management solution
  • See what your vehicles are doing right now
  • View your entire fleet's movements
  • New position every 15 seconds
  • See exactly when a vehicle arrives at a customer
  • Follow a vehicle on a map as it moves for critical situations
  • Find the closest driver to a customer
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