We provide GPS vehicle tracking services and devices to track your fleet effectively. Our GPS tracker will be able to track and locate your fleet.

iTrack Live - SMS & Email Alerts

iTrack Live allows you to set up an unlimited number of rules relating to speed, abnormal stoppage, no-go zone violations, etc. If a rule is ever violated we will either email you or SMS you immediately. You can easily set these rules up in minutes with a step-by-step guide.

These rules will let you know if anything happens that you consider irregular at any time. Email alerts are sent free of charge, while SMS alerts have a minimal charge. These additional charges are made very clear to you when you activate a rule. There are absolutely no hidden costs. Alerts include vehicles entering or leaving predefined areas, speeding and battery tampering.

For example, you can set up a rule to alert you if a vehicle leaves a parking lot at night, or to email you when your driver reaches a certain location, or if any of your vehicles exceed a certain speed, you can receive an immediate SMS.

SMS & Email Notifications

Alert Examples

  • Receive an SMS if any of your vehicles are speeding
  • Have emails sent to you in real-time, reporting on harsh driving
  • Receive an alert if a vehicle parks at a location you have not defined
  • Get informed the moment a vehicle leaves your office
  • Receive an SMS whenever your battery runs flat or tampering is detected
iTrack Live - South Africa's most affordable and easy-to-use vehicle tracking and fleet management solution.
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