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Focused on vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions,

iTrack Live’s goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients by offering outstanding customer service, constant innovation, and greater value.

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The iTrack Live fleet management solution is


designed and manufactured in South Africa. All hardware, software and support software has been developed entirely in South Africa by iTrack Live.

iTrack Live – Vehicle Tracking

For anyone with a fleet of vehicles who needs to know where their vehicles are, where they have been and how they are being driven, iTrack Live is a fleet management and vehicle tracking solution that provides real-time monitoring, detailed route histories and the ability to access a full history of everywhere your vehicles have been and when they were there, from anywhere in the world.

iTrack Live is a web based fleet management service based on the iTrack Live’s custom developed hardware. It offers customers a comprehensive fleet management service that can be accessed from any PC or cellular phone with internet connectivity.

iTrack Live focuses on cutting costs while adding value. Providing the best fleet management features at a price affordable to any business. iTrack Live is focused on innovation, constantly improving on service by listening to our customers.

iTrack Live – Fleet Management Solution

iTrack Live is a fleet management company providing affordable vehicle tracking systems for small and medium businesses. The software system brings together every detail of fleet management and fleet tracking. Using iTrack Live’s solution will deflect the stress of manually administrating and managing a fleet of vehicles. iTrack Live applies state of the art software to solve your fleet management services issues, so you can take your business further, with fewer hassles and far more on-time delivery and collections.

We are highly experienced and skilled professionals in the field of vehicle tracking and fleet management, and offer secure software systems, accountability and management efficacy. This means that you do less administrative work, so you can get on with expanding your business and making it more profitable without having to worry about tracking your fleet manually. Investing in a top of the line vehicle tracking system makes business sense when you are moving and collecting large and small supplies. Our solution operates from the comfort of your business premises, through your computer or via SMS. Our software is web based and affordable, ensuring a successful on-going business partnership with clients. This gives you the scope to oversee the optimum functionality of your company, while also making new business deals and growing your company’s bottom line.

iTrack Live takes pride in being able to offer a premium vehicle tracking service to logistics and fleet management companies across South Africa. We give you real time tracking, detailed reports, alerts and satellite mapping for each vehicle of your fleet, allowing you to define how best to manage your fleet of vehicles for best business practice over a long term period. Make a wise decision today; install an iTrack Live vehicle tracking system from iTrack Live.

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