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Support and FAQ

If we are unable to answer any of your questions with our answers below, please contact us and a sales consultant will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to see the system in action before I buy it. How can I do this?
Please contact us for this. We pride ourselves in how easy our product is to use. One of our sales consultants will be happy to demonstrate the product to you either in person, or remotely over the internet.
Where can you do installations?
We perform installations at your premises at no additional cost. We can do installations in most cities and towns in South Africa. More outlying areas may incur a callout fee. Contact us for a quotation to compare costs.
When can you do an installation? How long does it take?
We can typically do same-day or next-day installations in major cities, but it will depend on stock levels, as well as how busy your particular installation centre is. Installations of our vehicle tracking equipment typically take about 30 minutes. We can do installations after hours or on weekends at no extra cost
Do I get all the features described on the website as part of my monthly fee?

Please refer to our Product pricing page to see which features are available for each product. The only optional monthly services for which there are additional charges are: cross border tracking, SMS alerts from rules. Physical optional extras include Driver ID remotes, driver ID immobiliser. For a full list, please contact us.

Are there any additional costs for this vehicle tracking system?
See above.
How many vehicles do I need to have in my fleet to get a discount?

Discounts are given for fleets with three or more vehicles on the Full Fleet Management product. As your fleet expands, we will offer you further discounts on new purchases. Contact us for a quotation to compare prices and options.

Are the vehicle movements constantly recorded? How long do you keep records of my vehicles' movements?

We store your data for at least 20 years

How often does the site update with the vehicle's location?
The system uses real-time tracking and updates every 15 seconds.
Where is the unit installed? Will the driver or a thief be able to remove it easily?
The unit is installed in a way that makes it difficult to find. As each vehicle is different, our installers will find a hidden position that works in your vehicle. There are no long antennas that can be traced back to the tracking device.
Do you install in motorbikes?
Unfortunately we do not install in motorbikes.
Where does the iTrack Live products come from, is it imported?

The iTrack Live products has been designed and commercialised entirely in-house in South Africa. We do not employ any third party hardware and because we control our products completely, it makes us flexible enough to customise our products to our clients’ specifications. All manufacturing of our vehicle tracking devices is performed in South Africa to the highest quality standards.