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Why Choose Us


iTrack Live is an affordable solution

that is perfect for a small business while still having state-of-the-art fleet management features. We constantly seek to innovate, responding personally to your needs. Our goal is to forge a partnership with you and your business.

If you want excellent service and a reliable, easy-to-use solution that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, you need iTrack Live.

Both the hardware and software have been developed locally by iTrack Live.


Our product is customised for the South African market.


All manufacturing is done right here in South Africa to the highest quality standards.

iTrack Live is a


South African product.

iTrack Live – Product Features


Continues to track even when disconnected from your battery


Remotely upgradeable software


On-site after-hours installations


Easy to use, completely web-based


Nation-wide recovery service


Built from the latest technology


Extremely fast real-time tracking


No hidden fees, fully transparent billing


Performs daily health checks


Driver ID *

* only availabie with full product

iTrack Live – Recovery Approval

The iTrack Live vehicle tracking and fleet management solution is SAIAS approved.

The product is approved by the South African Independent Accreditation Services and endorsed for Vehicle Tracking and Recovery. 

Customer Value

Monitoring the movements of your vehicles is critical to any business. A fleet management solution can have a huge effect on the bottom line of any organisation.

Having a fleet management system reduces maintenance, fuel and operating costs by making sure your fleet is operating as expected and reduces your costs by allowing you to direct your vehicles in the most efficient manner.



reduce your insurance premiums and get peace of mind


reduce maintenance, fuel and operating costs and know where your vehicles are


reduce your costs by directing your vehicles in the most efficient manner

iTrack Live is a solution that is affordable

What is your fleet doing right now?